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What a strange concidence

I have just been looking through my bondage work to get contacts for Satine and I found out that I have a bondage name! Sadie and Masie is slang for sadomasochism, Masie being the masochist. Appologise if this is common knowledge but I had no idea and it pleased me immensly and is very appropriate.

I have also just found out that I was nominated in this years Bondage awards for best model. I didnt win but here are the results -

Best Model

Im sure every model they could find tied up somewhere probably made the list but I am so happy to have been in a list of international performers and in the same grouping as kink.com - my favourite bondage site. I promise to keep doing fluffy porn but this has pushed me to try and do alot more bondage. Anyone who knows of anywhere or one I havent visted give me poke xx 

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