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Welcome back

Ok I am officially back on track and you will now be bombarded with weekly updates like you were used to - not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but its what you will be getting so like it or lump it (as me nan would say.)

I am finnaly set up in a house of my own in Amsterdam and settled in working for Abby Winters. This was nearly a month in the making but I think it has been worth it and life is starting to feel normal again. You know how when ever you do something like move jobs or house or even  just something small like getting  a new hair cut. For a while it has that strange new feeling, well things are almost back to feeling just like normal again which is both a good and a bad thing but now Im here I think Im happy.

Before I inflict nearly a month of back Dee at you, here is an update from one of  my last UK shoots - for Paul Taylors Spunk Sluts. If you Click here you can look at the footage I got when I went over to film. I loved doing this shoot, and I'd be so happy if you'd go and check it out especially if you rate it. Im sorry for being so vain and competitive at you but they have video rating on that site and I want full points!  Im only half a point off but I want to know what I could have done better to get right up there?

 There is no trailer so you will just have to trust me when I say I thought this was a good scene but I'd love to know what was missing, so please watch rate and give me some feedback!

Ok now sit back and relax I'm about to unleash the last month back at you. This may get confusing in places as I will be excitedly telling you about various possibility's which you already know the outcomes of but bare with it, I think theres a fair bit of stuff worth watching in here. xx

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