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We Have Too Many Expenses

"Kaaren, you have to cut back your spending. I know you want to be pretty and I know that you love buying new things but if you keep going like this we'll be broke."
My wife was reviewing our bills and I was in trouble again!
"We'll just have to get rid of some things, like the pool service man. I know it's hot out and I love when we slip on our bikinis for a dip but I think we'll have to let him go. You'll have to take care of the pool from now on."
"But honey," I pleaded, "it's so hard to do. I'll tell you what, he's coming today let me see if I can negotiate a lower price, please."
"Okay but it better be really low or he'll have to go."
"I can be very persuasive sometimes."
She looked up at me and laughed. "Oh I know you can Kaaren...just let me know if you...um...reach an agreement."
"I'm sure I will."

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