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Up skirt Down Blouse

I have had a lovely morning shooting from home for a new Up Skirt Down Blouse site. I was the first girl to be shot for this new venture and had an amazing time.
As its a predominately video site I don't have lots of  pictures to share with you but we did remember to take a few.


 This was a really fun shoot as it meant coming up with lots of different ways of bending either down or forward to show off boobs and bum. I like a challenge so really enjoyed finding ways to cum with out inserting toys or using fingers on the inside of my pants, although I did cheat and use my back massager for one video through my pants to great effect. Surprisingly the most erotic videos when we played them back were the ones when I just accidentally flashed my bum while talking. In this case less was defiantly more and it was nice to be sexy while subtle and teasing for a change. I don't know if it was the light he used or the camera but he made my bum look amazing! I will be sure to let you know when and where the footage goes up.

I'm having a quiet afternoon drinking water. I have been ill since I saw my sister in Newcastle - I think I felt rough before the curry but it cant have helped. I woke up to be ill at 6 this morning and was only just pulling myself back together when Dave arrived. I'm feeling much better now after being taken out for a chinese lunch - I know not the best thing to settle a stomach but it was pre arranged and tasted amazing.

Only 3 days to go!!!

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