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Sure We Can Still Have Sex Sissy

After she put me in chastity I became very depressed. I missed the closeness of having sex with my sweet wife although I was so small and fast that she rarely got any enjoyment from it.
"Cheer up Sissy", she said to me, "It'll only be for a couple of weeks till we see if you can learn better control. Besides you know it's your tongue I love best and well...to be honest your little clit can't compare to my lovers glorious hard cock."
"But I miss being with you so much, I know I don't make you cum that way but I love feeling so close to you."

Several days went by when my wife met me at the door with a smile and told me that tonight we could have sex all night long if I wanted. I was ecstatic! She told me to get naked and wait for her in the bedroom she had to get something for me. I know she had hidden the key to my chastity so I left the room to allow her to get it without revealing the hiding spot.
I quickly undressed and waited but when she came into the room it wasn't the key she had at all. She helped me slip it on and then she rode my "big hard dick" all night long!!!

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