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Spanking good fun

Morning campers. Here is brand spanking new update for you hot of the press. This was one of my favorite spanking scenes as I got to have a good sob and a hug at the end. I was working with the lovely Faye and was very smug to be announcing that she had just sworn at me! Poor Faye gets a spanking then I oh so helpfully go and fetch the cane, so she can be punished properly. Things then back fired some what when I'm spanked for telling tales! This is the most I think I have ever really sobbed on set, so if you have an evil urge to see me beaten to tears now is your chance.

Click here for free trailer and full video

But theres more, Sound Punishment have finally started to put the videos up from the photo sets I showed you last month. The first one is a bit of a strange one, as its a story line so different to traditional spanking videos. In this video I break down at work half way through a solo video, as my "boyfriend" has just gone to war following a fight and hasn't had time to spank me and make up. The tog steps in and hits me while I tell my boyfriend how much I love him on tape? I'll be honest and say that the story line for this was not a turn on for me but it is a very good hand spanking and I think the bonus of getting a solo masturbation video with a rather large pink dildo at the end really compensates for this. In fact please watch the trailer and let me know what you think as the ending is defiantly very erotic which is something spanking tends not to attempt.

Click here for the other free trailer and full video


I have lost the cable for my phone so cant show you but I got a lovely text this morning from Bert showing him with red and his new mummy Kerry looking really relaxed and happy.

I have been a good girl today I have blogged (tick) done a full work out (tick) and am just about to go shopping to get my sisters birthday presents. Seriously April is the worst month for me. I have both my sisters birthdays and my sisters husband and uncles birthday, all in the first week on April! I feel poor already role on July.
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