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Sex with Kylie H

I Finally got to work with Kylie!

We were both pretty nakered from our first days work so grabbed an early night after going to our favouirte Italian and indulging in oven baked cheesey pasta for five euros each. The hotel we stayed in had pushed the two single beds together and it was a bit strange sleeping so close to someone I have been waiting to experience. We joked about having a practise go but ended up lying in bed watching tv. A quick note on tv over here, you get no warning that adverts or the next show are about to start its the strangest thing. We were watching the love guru then suddenly with out warning the guru started straight after with out any credits and it took us ages to work out we were watching a new film. Later that evening we were watching modern family and it suddenly broke into the sex channels - ' Sexaphone!'

We arrivd in a bit of a blur the morning of the shoot as we had forgotten to change to Dutch time when setting the alarm the night before but after such a long wait to get our hands on each other there was no way we were going to drag things out any longer by being late!

Dont you think that first set of pictures looks like one of those dodgie photo stories you get in bad news papers on in teenage magazines - love it!

We really hit it off the first time we met in the dam so much so that she'd asked me if I would shoot her first g/g video for AW. Things didn't work out so Satine mussled in on the action (hello Satine I miss you) and this was the first visit we were both free to come over at the same date after that. Jakie decided that as we were so keen to dive in we could do the video before the stills and after soldiering through our pre shoot interviews we exploded into an amazing shoot.

To try and stop us from just ripping each others clothes off I had been told to act in a huff because she had slept with Satine and not me, which was fun as its always funny to pretend to be mad at Satine (bitch) and it was nice to still be talking about her now we are living in different countries. Kylie ended up dragging me to her love camp and tying me up so Id join in and she had me good - she even dragged the look from me!

You can view the trailer here. I should really become an affiliate before I tell you this but if you have been umming and ahhing about checking Abby Winters out this could be  a good month to do it. I already have 15 videos up on their site with two more due to be released this week.  I'll be sure to put some sneaky videos and links to all the new trailers as they come out butif you can i'd goand see them in full at source. x

Hope those of you that get one enjoy the bank holiday, will try and get more up soon xx 
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