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Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey is a porn film star players from the countries of United States origin, born in date 14, March, 1988, at which time ago Sasha Grey ever come into the country, Sasha Grey came to indonesia to play a movie, that movie with the title Dead Episod Rocking hips, here is the real story of the life of Sasha Grey, Sasha Grey has a mother who worked for the Government of CaliforniaSasha Grey, the father was a machinist, a parent of Sasha Grey Sasha Grey had the time divorcees aged 5 years, Sasha Grey and then lived with the mother of Sasha Grey's own mother in 2000, Sasha Grey is married to a man, Sasha Grey loves a class film, art, acting, dance and much more, in March, of 2006, Sasha Grey had worked at a restaurant SteakSasha Grey, afterwards moved to Los Angeles.

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