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Redheads Are My Kryptonite # 2

A fantasy....

It was one of my first times out "en femme" and I was very nervous. My wife kept telling me that I was fine and in a dark booth in the back of the restaurant I started to feel a little more secure.
The waiter didn't seem to pay any extra attention to me and the diners at the nearby tables were more interested in each other than in me.
But there was a beautiful redhead who stared at me for a long time, Long enough that her date seemed to notice her distraction and brought her attention back to him.
After our cocktails arrived I excused myself to go to the bathroom.
"Make sure you use the ladies," my wife smiled at me.
Stepping into the brightly. lit bathroom I quickly chose a stall and sat to do my business. As i sat there I heard the rest room door open, I hoped I could leave without this new arrival seeing me. I finished up, wiped and tucked myself away in my pretty panties.
As I opened the stall door there she was, the redhead...
She moved to me and touched my arm.
"You're looking very pretty tonight Kaaren, your wife said you and I should get to know each other."
She pulled off my skirt and panties as I was mesmerized by her beauty.
When she took off her own I was amazed to find out I wasn't the only Sissy in the room!
"I could tell from a mile away," she laughed, "and your wife is a very generous woman!"
Her tongue went to work on me and everything else was forgotten.....

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