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luvasianpuss: She had been in her bedroom for almost all of the day practicing her latest dancing routine which she said that she would show us all later that night.

When I walked into her room after having noticed it had been quite for some time, I found my step-daughter fast asleep. Seemingly she had completely worn herself out from practicing to get everything perfect in her moves to the dance that she was going to perform, it was then that a thought crossed my mind.

I wondered if it would be out of the question, to have an encore perform now before the main showing tonight.

When she finally woke up, I wondered, after having left her bedroom ten minutes later, if she would happen to notice the multiple, tiny round wet spots on the front of her white underwear or the small white gooey blobs which I hadn’t dare try to wipe off her flimsy pink skirt in fear of waking her up.

I did notice later on, when she finally did her full dance routine in front of me and her mother, that she gave me this naughty little wink right @ the end of her performance.

“I’m glad you liked my second performance just as much as the first”, she said. 

Her mother looked across @ me with a look of bewilderment.

I returned her stare and said, “sorry hun, I just couldn’t wait till now, I had called into her bedroom earlier on, to see and find out if it was going to be a performance worth coming to again and again and the answer is a definite yes”.

She replied, “well, it looks like we just have a rising star in the family then”.

I looked @ her back, my cock already hard again like before, but this time I wasn’t able to pump it like I had in her bedroom, until my hot cum burst out in front of me, spraying out across the floor until it landed on her panties and flimsy pink skirt. I paused for a moment, as I turned to look my step-daughter in the eye, before saying, “yes……, a rising star. I couldn’t have said it better myself”, before returning my own naughty wink back to her.

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