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I Never Get Tired Of Seeing This

I never get tired of seeing my wife cum. She is such a beautiful woman. The first time she came on a big cock I thought for a moment that he had hurt her but hearing her throaty moans of pleasure made it clear to me that he was giving her pleasures that I had never been able to offer.
I love to hear her cum, she tells her stud to "fuck my tight pussy" and "fill me with that big cock", but even in the middle of her orgasm she has always declared her love for me.
"Oh God I'm cumming..oh God I love you Kaaren."
It fills my heart that she may give her body to this man but her heart belongs to me. I may not be much of a man as I sit in my cage and panties but this beautiful woman is mine and at the end of the day he's leaving and she is cuddling up with me.

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