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I Know You're Watching

I know you're still in the room watching, I can smell your arousal! I can hear your breath. I know how much you love this game...almost as much as I do. I can't see and he hasn't said anything but his scent is unmistakable. I have our neighbor Tony in my mouth.
You never understood about the blindfold, you thought it gave you all the power but it really gives me the power to be the sissy that I was born to be. I can do whatever the master or mistress you provide me requires and I don't have to hold anything back.
They are anonymous to me, bodies that I can use to give and get pleasure from. I have Tony's cock in my mouth but it could be anyone's and I love sucking it and I love that you are watching.
I think the blindfold works two ways it allows me to let go and it also allows whoever you invite to let go as well.
I'm never going to tell you this because I love this game so much that I wouldn't want you to know that it's a game I win every time!

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