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Guess what?!

Guess who's new website has gone live!

Do you remember how I was talking about how I was working on two projects, a hard core filth one and a softer more educational one. Well filth was ready first!

I don't actually own this site, its owned and run by the guys who have chavley court and the chav van. Its funny if you google me those sites are usually the first things that show up. Everybody at AW knows me as Masie Dee Chav Slut as thats all they could find when they did their research on me.

I have no idea how I have managed to land on my feet quite so perfectly with this one. They run and pay for the site but I make all the content and send it in. So in short I get to come up with the dirtiest things I can think of, film them, get paid and sit back ready to watch others enjoy it. 

Its still a very new site so we are still working on its look and feel. I will start to shower you in filthy trailers from next week as its so nice to see some really dirty porny porn again. Its funny I love working at Abby Winters and its definatly a great creative outlet. I was allowed out on a shoot last night and loved it, we got some amazingly arty pictures and the model was amazing - erotica at its best. But I need both to be happy and i'm so grateful that thanks to the Chavley boys I really am having my cake and eating it! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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