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Game of Thrones - the beating!

Now it has aired I can now tell you about my first day at Game of Thrones - 'That Spanking Scene'

I will start by telling you I was bricking it! When I did my audtion I was very tierd and had been doing a fair amount of spanking work so it was actually very easy to do and went exactly how I felt it should.

I love spanking and it is something that does honestly turn me on. The trouble I have with spanking is that for it to work for me there needs to be an element of power games and if I'm honest it should be done by someone in authority who is usualy older. I'm vey much a lover of the school girl, headmaster/mistress or the brutal 'guardian' story roles. The scene I have done that turned me on the most in the past was where I was part of a religious fanatic cult group. My father caught me masturbaiting and had to beat the devil from me. It was the way he quoted the bible while punishing me that turned me on. That and the threat to have me walk the house with no pants on for the week so he and my brothers could check I hadn't lapsed - I have no brothers in real life so have always been happy exploring incest ideas based on them, sisters is a bit close to home.

In that example you can see it hits all the boxes. We have an older person who is miss-using there authority over me in a rather sick and twisted way. I am completely at their mercey and for added kicks there is a hint that a little inappropriate sexual contact could always follow.

For me spanking is great with people you don't live with, you can meet, play your make believe and go. But spanking in the home is something I have never got on with. I am a submissive person in the bedroom and do have certain ideas about what is a womans role in the home vs the males. I can not however see someone I live with as better than me. We are an equal team inlife. This makes spanking werid and mostly rubbish. I get my spanking from work and when i'm not doing that kind of work I just stick to my imagination to forfill these needs.

So a very tiered and emotionl me audtioned and could cry at the drop of a hat. Come the scene I was suddenly in a secure job for the first time in years (at www.abbywinters.com) and out of practise with my spanking skills due to the break. This was actually going to rely on acting! (ahhhhh!!!!)

The magic started as soon as I got to Ireland. I was taken straight to the main location in the ship yard and shown to costume where I was fitted for me sexy brothel dress and assigned some jewlery (which made my hands go green as they were so cheap). The huge room that help all the costumes was incredible you would have to see it to believe it. Rows and rows of chain mail, dresses, every extra bit part and main part had there own outfit and matchign zip bag full or accessories. There was also pictures of everyone for the continuity lady. Throughout the day the hair and makeup girls had to take picture of me to ensure everything was exactly the same as when we started. When I came back for my second and third scenes these pictures were used as reference.

The next day I was shown to my trailer (was very impressed to have one of those even if it did say Nubile whore on it. When I came back for my follow up two scenes I graduated to having a name), and presented with the much anticipated bacon sandwich. Life may lead you away fom home and there will be much that you view with ore and wonder but bacon will never be one of those things - no one does it like the UK and Ireland!  

I had a great deal of pins in my hair and a hair piece to add volume, add in makeup and getting ready took  ages (hense early start).  They had so many people to get through that I was stollen away to block the scene half way through.

As it was a nude scene this was a closed set. I'd hate to work on a full set as i'm sure people would have to stand on top of each other to fit in the room - I counted at least 22 people! So we shot the scene in order, sometimes using the full real belt sometimes having to chuck it aside for the soft props one. We worked on this one scene for a full day - I went through 6 peaches ! I was offered a bowl to spit the peach into each time but I was so hugry and am such a fan of white peaches that I ate the lot! A big thankyou must go to the lovely man who's job it was to make sure I had a peach at all times!

Between each take camera men would re measure their focal points, the poor continuity guys would try and make sure all the candels remained at the same height and the makeup and costume ladies would come and check our faces and help me dress - those dresses are impossible!

Once we got into the spanking scene proper  I felt less like an imposture as that was the bit I was qualifide to do after all! It was strange having to have that level of intensity for such a long day it was very draining trying to live it each time - get me I sound like I was trained by Stanislavski! I will add that at the time we shot this I had no idea that the actor who plays Joff was over 18. He looks so young and obviosuly is 14 in the books. So I spent the whole day feeling a bit werid around him as I was sure I technically shouldn't have been naked so near to him.

The best bits of the day was laying bent over the bed while the makeup lady bruised up by bum! The makeup girls were ace and I spent some time telling them how to fake cum shots for future productions as aparantly it comes up more than you'd think.

The worst bit of the day was getting down off the bed. I start wearing shoes that kept getting caught up in my dress which was a bit long. When I drop down to be hit I had to kk both shoes off quicly as I just didnt have the grip to stand still with them on let alone get back on the bed. I foudn jumping up the bed very hard as well. I understand now I have watched the scene why I had to end up there but with such a high bed it just didnt feel like a natural movement.

I think as a group of actors we definatly got better as the day went on. That's not to say I thought anyone did a bad job at the start - heck those two are the professionals and it shows, they were great. What I mean is that when the scene took that sharp turn towards the end they seemed to feed off it and get even better! Jack was pulling some incredibly evil faces by the end and really did have all the power in the room and you could just feel it. At the end of the scene I shook his hand, said it had been a pleasure and told him he was a sick bastard!

I got a lovely e-mail from the brains behind soundpunishment on Friday saying he had loved my spanking scene. I told him that obviosly full credit had to go to him as he was the first spanking site I ever worked with. I have a new scene out for them at the moment.

Click here  for the trailer I am currently the second clip down.

"When you are the Headmaster of a renowned private school you have standards to keep. Your young ex-model wife seems to take great delight in wearing provocative clothes and teasing the older boys. She therefore has to be punished for this and you decide to' take her in hand' and deal with her. Spanking her OTK and then in a humiliating diaper position leads to unexpected and pleasurable consequences for all concerned!

A humiliating diaper position spanking for "Game of Thrones" actress Masie Dee" 

 I only just noticed he had put me as being from Game of Thrones - you are a sweetie thank you!

Those who have seen my spanking scenes (Game of Thrones currently excluded) will know that I get very attached to my characters and always try and let them finish with the upper hand. This scene is not an exception and I was very satisfide with the out come! See what I mean about me being an unual sub. I like to be made to do things and humilation is top of my list but I hate to lose and once I have got my fill I always like to see the tables turned. SPOILER ALERT - my dream ending for Daisey is for her to be taken in by the nuns so she can face the queen while she is being held and show her what her bastard son did!

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