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Friday is Date Night

"Sissy my friend Steve is coming over tonight. Please make yourself pretty for us." my wife said to me. "I think you should put on that sweet black corset I bought you and some white stockings. Bring it here and I'll lace you up."
As she pulled the laces tighter and tighter on the corset I felt my waist shrinking and breathing becoming more difficult. Finally she tied them off and she helped me put on the stockings because bending over in this corset was out of the question.

"What about panties?" I asked.
"I don't think you'll be needing them sissy and I like to watch your clitty try to get out of the cage!"
Her boyfriend Steve came soon after. He had seen me perhaps a half a dozen times before but he always seemed to find me amusing.
They retired to the bedroom and I lay on the bed, my wife kneeling over me as he fucked my wife hard from behind. I loved watching him stretch her sweet pussy further than I ever could.
He increased his intensity as she started to cum on his hard cock. Shooting his hot cum into her I got ready and as he pulled out it poured from her lips to my waiting tongue.

Steve watched for a few moments, shaking his head as I licked and sucked his cum from my wife's pussy. He turned and walked to the bathroom.
"Thank you Kaaren you've been very good tonight, please wait outside for a little while while I discuss something with Steve."
"Yes Ma'am" I always felt more submissive with the taste of another man's cum in my mouth.
Closing the door behind me I was a little confused, she usually wanted me to suck her lovers cocks back to life for her so they could fuck again. I wondered what was going on. All I heard was some whispered conversation and a surprised chuckle from her lover.
After some time passed the door was pulled open and Steve stepped past me pointing a finger over his shoulder, "She wants you...Sissy." he laughed as he said it.
My wife was sitting on the bed facing away from me and she hadn't said anything and I hurried to her thinking something was wrong.
Instead she pulled me close and kissed me, surprising me with the mouthful of cum she had just taken from her lovers cock.

Smiling at me through her cum smeared lips she said, "I just felt like sucking a great big cock tonight, but I saved all the cum for you my sweet Sissy"
"Thank you my love." I said as I heard the door close downstairs as Steve left for the night.
"Just you and me for the rest of the night Kaaren, what do you feel like doing."
We both dissolved in giggles. God how I love this woman.

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