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Energency Services

Whenever a sissy confronts a challenge that overwhelms her she can call the Emergency Sissy Maid Team or the ESMT's as they're known.
The ESMT's are trained to assist any sissy in performing her duties no matter what they are. The rapid response usually takes no more than a few minutes till they are on the scene. These Sissy's are all volunteers who have signed up with their master or mistress permission, although they're still expected to keep up their own housework because it's hard to ride a motorcycle with a bright red bottom after a spanking!

In this case a sissy just got a job that she felt she couldn't handle alone! Her wife had told her to entertain the new neighbor and Sissy just didn't think she was woman enough!

Hopefully with the assistance of the dedicated Sissy Maids of the ESMT squad they will be able to help this Sissy obey her wifes orders. Based on what they were told they had used the fastest motorcycles available while they hoped the Sissy could last until they got there!

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