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Does Penis size matter?

Abbywinters have been complining a semi educational study and the first batch of results can be seen on youtube now - please follow this link.

This is not only an interesting look into the female mind but on a side note a great way to check out the variety of sexy ladies that I get to work with each week.

Speaking of abbywinters - I have a new scene out AND I do anal in it!!!!

Up-coming video release: Lacie & Masie 

This is a double masturbaition scene with the crazy Lacie (yes you do recognise her from game of thrones and can look forward to seeing more of her next season to) who I first met years ago when shooting for models first.

I have only ever done anal on camera once before for simons scans and that was years and years ago. Anal was something I have never really wanted to do for work as its a treat for me on the occassions I want it. This was one of those days where I was in a comfortable situation with friends and when next to someone as wild as Lacie it does rub off. Please let me know what you think. 

Just a short post for today but I have news to follow very soon . . . . . 
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