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Bare Essentials

My new project got up and running today and I would be very grateful if you would go and watch the pilot episode. Bare Essentials is exactly what it says I will be giving basic information on various subjects while wearing as little as I can get away with on youtube. I got this idea following a BGAFD post from elliott 1

- i really enjoy the stuff from the u.s site nakednews.com and wondered if there was anything similar here in the uk or if anybody had considered doing a british version? its a very simple, actually very tame format but in these days of constant bad and depressing news stories the thought of the likes of maise dee, shay hendrix, jessica pressley and all the other fantastic british girls out there bringing us the latest news in the buff would certainly brighten things up! 

 So for now I will be doing a brief review of UK topical news which will air every Friday. Please be kind when watching this, I know the light prevents you from reading the postet notes and I do stumble over a few words but I promise to fix this for next week. 

Please leave nice comments on you tube and lots of thumbs up would be great.


Love to you all

Masie xx
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