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THANK YOU! - I love it. I'm deleriously happy that someone would go out of their way to do something so lovely for me - I am now grinning like an idiot! I will definatly be sending you an e-mail with a naughty something in it later this week. x

OK so most of you will know that I am a Tenga girl and that they run a text service for all your naughty needs on the go via your mobile. Well things are starting to grow and you can now get very rude one minute clips of your favourite Tenga girls, so you will always have us with you. There is also talk of the company buying a huge stock of films staring their models, so people have a one stop shop to find all the filfth their favourites have produced. The best thing is that if this goes ahead, the models will get a cut of the money from each of their own films that sells - I will be able to make money off all the shoots I have done.

I half mentioned a few posts back that myself and Satine met up last weekend to shoot some sexy clips for Tenga Girls and I edited and sent my six new sex clips off yesterday so please enjoy.


Finally, I don't normally do shout outs but I had the lovliest e-mail from a couple this week and I just want to say hello (hi) to Andrea and thank her for reading my blog xx
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