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Abby Winters - I'm not a flowers and chocolate girl, unless you're putting a daisy up my ass and covering me with chocolate'

A huge thank you goes out to Grendal for pointing out that Abby Winters have now published some of the content shot in Amsterdam. (THANK YOU X)

If you look on the main page of the site they have a behind the scenes section where you can see some pictures of me and Satine together but the video that has gone up is me on my own.

A week and a bit after I went over with Satine I was brave and went back to Abby Winters on my own for the day. It was another horribly early start but I made it to the airport and on to the correct plane all by myself, although I wasn't feeling my best. Only once the doors were shut, were we informed that due to high winds Amsterdam was down to only one runway and we were held on the ground for an hour to then be delayed at the other end by a further 2. People often ask me why I live in Leeds when so much work is at the London end of the country and here is one of the few perks, - the advantage of flying out of Leeds is that not many other people do, so I had both a window seat and an empty chair next to me which made the whole thing so much easier and a whole row to myself on the way back. I also got to see another aeroplane fly past while we were right up in the clouds something I have never seen before. I love breaking through the natural grey into a magical sunny, cloud palace, it still takes my breath away and I always expect to see something mythical, say a flying horse. My only real worry was whether i'd have enough book, as it was soo good I nearly got through it on the flight out. I was reading Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho, which despite its title I found to be very uplifting although in my opinion he fails to deliver when it comes to the female orgasm scene - he clearly has never experienced what he tries to describe. If anyone comes across it I would love to know what you think, there may also be a film but I haven't watched it and you're a naughty pickle if you try to use the film to judge the book.

I had to catch a flight back the same day so knew we were pressed for time with me being so late but you'd never have guessed that by the Abby Winters team - Australians are seriously the most laid back people on earth, they were so good as I tend to get in a flap when I'm late and time is short. This was also the longest I have ever spent on one set of stills (we got through David Bowie's greatest hits twice) and the results speak for themselves. It helped that the back drop was so wonderful but the photographic quality is stunning and I was made to feel so relaxed during the whole thing. The video was a real giggle, they stupidly asked to tell them what my fantasies are hence this being one of there longest solo videos at nearly 40 minutes.  We also got caught there was a little cafe of some kind on the corner and a family were pointing up at us as we did some of the nudes in the window.

Following my long flight I had a nap on the sofa and was all stretchy when I woke up and let my hands run over my skin. In order to wake up a  bit I decide to have a little touch of myself. I was then grilled about what turns me on and you all should know that's a long and weird list. We talked about nuns, priests, spanking the devil and of course chocolate. Speaking of chocolate I went on a chocolate run half way through and finding some new energy proceeded to one well deserved orgasm fueled by my filthy mind.

Let me know what you think this is something very different to what I usually do and I am very proud. If you do go on to watch the video please add a tag and be sure to leave a comment on the board - that be really sweet of you.

We finished just in time for a mad rush to the train station where I had a mini panic about what train to get on before ending up back at the airport just in time for a five minute sit in front of the fire before a no hassle flight home to Poppy.

So here ya go - one sneak preview, if you follow the link there is also a trailer on the site.


Masie x
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