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A weekend with Satine part one

I'm sorry you didn't get an update last weekend I had a few technical problems getting hold of this material but I am delighted to now be sharing with you my magical weekend with SATINE!

The weekend before I went on holiday was spent with my best friend on a spanking set and we had so much fun. Luckily for the producer we drove up to Leek together so had already caught up on much gossiping before we arrived. . . . 

As purple and painful as my bottom looks please let it be known that I had an AMAZING time! We were working for Northern Spanking and they took such good care of us (we even went on for dinner). I didn't have any more batteries on the first day so there is no footage of actual spanking. I will of course let you know as soon as any of this footage goes live and will share pictures trailers and a few sneaky video peaks with you as and when things go live. We got a heck of alot of scenes shot including some picture only stuff done in a vintage style which I really enjoyed so there should be lots to come over the next few months.

The great thing about this weekend was that each scene was so different something that is actually very rare during a spanking session. We had different era themes, we had toys and giggling in one group scene then hysterical sobbing from me in my first school girl scene, it was a great mix.  

To make up for the fact I couldn't get any footage on day one (even thought it was my fault) I was allowed to shoot whole films on day two so will have an action packed update next weekend!For the time being be sure to go and buy a copy of a certain magazine so you can read Satines column!
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