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A few more trailers

Following on from my late night over excitement last night I have had a magically strange day, the kind you can only get when you are walking around semi asleep, as its almost impossible to get angry about anything when you feel all warm and a bit drowsie. You know the feeling you get after a warm bath or when you lay down in fresh bed sheets for the first time I have had that all day.

Last night, before it snowed, I went to a mini metal concert to support 'Lammergeier' a local band made up of chefs and ex chefs that I know. Its heavy but still very melodic and the sound that comes from the lead singer is so unexpected, as he is softly spoken and a bit camp in the flesh and this juxtaposition never fails to cheer me. If you're not into this kind of music avoid but if you are, enjoy,
Please remembering that they have only performed live together twice as you watch . The majority of footage is from Halloween, the sound quality is a bit poo as I did it on my flip but you get the idea. If you are Leeds based they are playing at the Cardigan Arms this Friday and it would be lovely to see some of you down there, please come over and say hi.


After the concert I accidentally hung out with friends till 4.30 forgetting that I needed to be up by 7 to get to my Saturday office job in Manchester by 9, (I will cover why I commute all the way for this every weekend another time just go with it for now). A sleepy me left the house on time certain that I had my phone, flip, lunch and keys but when I got to work I couldn't find my mobile phone. I assumed that I had accidentally left it at home and as I was nice laid back sleepy me today I didn't get worried. When I got back it was no where to be seen. I am so scared in case it fell on the floor before I got in the car and I didn't notice, as you know what its like around here, that phone would have been sold by lunch. I will be screwed without it as I stupidly have quite a few bookings saved to my phone calender with no paper back up, not to mention lots of good contacts I'm praying it will magically turn up tomorrow morning somehow.

1. Parking ticket
2. phone
3. ???- bad luck comes in 3s so fingers crossed its not a biggie.

Anyone who fancies buying me a phone now is your chance :O) x

Its weird timing that I have lost my phone in this way, as only the day before, I was mightily cheered up by the actions of a stranger in an airport caught on camera by Shay Carl. I am a big fan of the Shay tards (although yes he is very irritating) and love watching them just existing as such a close family and its been really nice watching the kids grow up. Whatever you think of them however, please watch the bellow video from 3.39 (before that will make very little sense  its the end of his recent work trip to Canada), as this guy really does restore your faith in humanity.


Another thank you to everyone who has taken the time to mail me about Bare Essentials, especially those who commented and gave thumbs up on youtube, please head there and follow suit if you are willing and able.

So to updates. Transia have got a few teaser trailers up now, to give you a slightly better idea about what to expect. You can see the giggles but just you wait till they let you lose on an audio version. Big thanks to Kat (the guy being dressed in the first few clips) for sending me the picture.



Me and Satine feature in 6 of the 12 trailers so if you have time check it out.

Now its time for a hair colour change, Dave has final released the last scene I did for him and its a cracker. I am a poor waitress who accidentally spills a full glass of water over a grumpy customer (I will not lie it was super satisfying getting to knock that all over him) his trousers naturally come off  so they can dry and in good porn tradition the obvious happens.

(aint it weird seeing non blond me) Here's a link to the trailer -


I think that's everything for now, time for bed x x
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