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A Born Dominant Woman

Truly dominant women are born that way. From the time they can walk and talk they know that they are entitled to the devotion of the submissive of the species.

She had always known that she should get her way. Some said she was a brat but it was just in her nature. At the same time the little boy next door born on almost the exact same day was a natural submissive. It wasn't sexual for them when they were little, it had been about power.
On every play date somehow he would end up crying while she laughed. She loved to put him in her clothes somehow knowing intuitively that this was a way of stripping his maleness leaving him only the sissy core of his nature.
9 times out of 10 their parents would find him in her clothes, in some type of restriction and crying his little eyes out.

20 years later very little has changed.. Much to their mutual delight.

Disclaimer: No I don't lock kids in cages nor do I advocate anyone else doing so
I found the picture on the 'net,
I'm just having a little fun and I believe it's true that dommes and subs are born that way.

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